Week 17

he was waving at meI had an awesome 17th week of school. We had someone in our grade get number one in the country for ticket to read. Also we started our movie trailers for the books we read. Lastly,... Read More

Week 16

I had a great 16th week at school. First, we went to candy cane cottage and I spent 50 dollars. Then, we made christmas cards for are pen pals in India, France, and Ghana. Next, we made a paragraph on... Read More

Week 15

I had an great week 15. First,  we had a sumdog championship, I was so close to wining . Then, we got new wireless key boards for the iPads .  Last, we did a coats for the cold fundraiser . This wee... Read More

Week 12

I had an awesome 12 week of school. First,  We had 3 kahoots but sadly I didn’t win any. Next, we wrote story birds I will be posting mine soon. Then,  we made toontastics mine is already post... Read More

Week 11

I had a great 11th week of school . We had a haunted house that raised 801 dollars and i was a gorilla. Next, we wrote letters to Ghana and Russian Federation.We also got our new safety post I open do... Read More