Week 35

I had a great week 35. First, we sold lucas bands and raised a lotvof money fo lucas who has cancer. Then, we were goig to help with the kindegarden field day but it got rained out. Next, my team fini... Read More

Week 34

I had a great 34th week. We had a field trip to KARM we sorted clothes and went to their mission center. Also in library we got to bring electronics and play them for library.We started filming are mo... Read More

Week 33

I had an awesome week 33. First, we did part of our TNready but then its was cancelled ya! Then, we were so close to finishing our scripts. Finally , we got our year books they are awesome. Ihad a gre... Read More

Week 32

This week was really awesome . First, i got a 100% on my practice test so I got a piece of candy. Second, we had the rocky hill soul singers preform some songs. Lastly, we are practicing so hard for o... Read More

Week 31

I had a great31st week of school. I just finished my solo song. We are doing shaved ice for Lucas it is where you bring in money for Lucas who has cancer and with the money you get shaved ice. i had a... Read More

Week 29

Well, its been a normal week, for my class. First , performed our musical yesterday. Then, we started our solo songs. Next, we got new pen pals from South Korea . Lastly, we played a April fools trick... Read More

Week 28

I had A great 28th week of school. We went to Tuckaleechee Caverns and had a great time. Last week was Dr. Suess week. And we finished our power points on our research topic. I had a great 28 week of ... Read More

Spring Break!

My spring break was amazing . I went on a giant carnival cruise called the conquest for the entire week . You can get ice cream 24/7 on the cruise. On the cruise we went to Jamaica and I went to an a ... Read More